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Just a reminder to stay tuned for more excerpts from my upcoming book ................

"The Little Rascals, How I remember them".

I'm organizing the stories as we speak and hoping for the finished and published works by

sometime this summer.

I've also started another book about the origins of "ALL" those sayings that "ALL" of our

parents used on "ALL" of us while we were growing up.It will be an "illustrated" coffee table

book entitled :

"The Ancient Egyption Scrolls Of Parenthood" .

Such as...

"Put that down before you put someone's eye out."


"Just wait until your Father / Mother gets home".


"Don't make me stop this car"                       

You get the drift.

If you can think of any that might be outstanding in your mind or that you're using on your

own kids right now, please don't hesitate to send them to me at

Of course there will be many redundancies but there might just be some real "gems" there

that I've never heard before. 

Y. R. B.

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